McLadden's salutes the outstanding athletes who are part of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. New England is well-represented at The Games:

VT:       Lea Davison                  cycling

ME:      Eleanor Logan            rowing

RI:        Elizabeth Beisel            swimming

            Louisa Chafee               sailing

NH:      Tessa Gobbo                 rowing

            Alex Karwoski               rowing

            Jessica Parratto            diving

            Sarah True                    triathlon

CT:       Donn Cabral                 track & field

            Charlie Cole                  rowing

            Thomas Dunstan          water polo

            Austin Hack                  rowing

            Mike Hartfield               track & field

            Devin McEwan            canoe

            Alyssa Naeher               soccer

            Chris Wyles                   rugby

MA:      Eli Dershwitz                fencing

            Andrew Campbell, Jr.   rowing

            Abbey D'Agostino        track & field

            Michael DiSanto            rowing

            Shalane Flanagan         track & field

            Victoria Folayan            rugby

            Sean Furey                    track & field

            Michael Hixon               diving

            Madison Hughes           rugby

            Elena Pirozhkova          wrestling

            Aly Raisman                  gymnastics

            Sarah Scherer                shooting

            Gevvie Stone                 rowing