This week, the team at the office took a road trip.  The group wanted to check out some new spaces and figure out exactly what community would be the right fit for our next location.  We brought along a cooler filled with craft brews, (we had a driver, of course!) and made a pit stop at Two Roads Brewing Co in Stratford, CT.  

They operate in a old factory, and their tasting room nods to the past, incorporating reclaimed lumber, old spools, and bricks that were saved during construction.  The equipment used in brewing, however, is state of the art, ensuring that every beer they brew is exactly as intended, each time. Their impeccable system grants them the ability to brew for others.  This contract brewing allows New Englanders to drink beers they wouldn't likely see otherwise.  A warehouse filled with experimental barrel aged brews, bee hives, a chicken coop, and a stage for outdoor concerts all occupy the space surrounding the main factory, and definitely upped the fun factor.  

The visit was a highlight of our road trip, and we look forward to bringing our teams from the restaurants there in the near future!  Cheers!