Woodford Reserve a Big Hit for the November Second Sunday Scotch Night

McLadden's Northampton November Second Sunday Scotch

McLadden's Northampton Second Sunday Scotch had a great turnout last night.  We stepped away from scotch this month.  GM, Steven Campbell along with Pat Kelly from Horizon Beverage Company introduced several bourbons from the Brown-Forman Group including Woodford Reserve and Woodford Double Barrel Kentucky Bourbons.

Thank you to Christina Stone at River Valley Market for supplying and introducing some great new cheeses for the event.  If you like cheese check out some of River Valley Market's cheeses on our cheese platter here at McLadden's Northampton.

Woodford Bourbons are available at McLadden's

December's event will be on December 8th at 6pm, so mark your calendars and follow us on Facebook for updates on the next event.