What Your Beer Says About You

We got a kick (and quite a few chuckles) out of this piece by Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch over at thrillist.com. Here's a small sample:

Pale Ale You’re one of those people whose friends are like, “You’re 33 years old, how the hell have you never tried olives?!” You start to get into new bands right before the “they’re too popular now” backlash. You don’t understand why people are ALL about these pale ales from India when there are plenty of great domestic breweries deserving of support.

Stout You despise working out and consume pork products with a reckless abandon that says, “Screw you, pigs”. You shave as little as possible. You have covered a dirty plate with aluminum foil in place of washing it on multiple occasions. You take really, really great naps.

Read the full piece here