West Hartford Outdoor Dining Ordinance To Be Enforced

To All Of Our Loyal Customers - We need your help and understanding.

The Town of West Hartford has decided to enforce a patio ordinance that has been in place since the mid 1990's that bans diners from being seated outdoors after 10pm at night.

McLadden's Irish Publick House strongly feels that the ordinance is outdated and should be removed from the books. We apologize for any inconvenience that this rule causes our diners. We will be strictly enforcing this policy until such a time that the town communicates with us otherwise.

There have been a number of news stories, various chatter and a few very confused patrons.  We are posting this blog entry in an attempt to clear the confusion.

1) This is in force over the entire Town of West Hartford - not just the center.

2) The rule applies to ALL restaurants, bars and ALL patios.

3) You can sit at 9:59pm and eat and drink until you conclude your stay with us.

4) We are going to comply with this ruling & we expect all bars & restaurants to do the same.

5) You must leave your drink inside when going out for a smoke break.

6) We ask you to voice your opinion in favor of changing or removing this ordinance.

Thank you, we have posted a link to the Hartford Courant website article and poll concerning this issue below:

View the story online at CTNOW.COM