Compass Box Whisky Master Class 2016


We were honored to attend the Compass Box Master Whisky Class, taught by Compass Box's founder, John Glaser.  The whiskymakers at Compass Box push the envelope, at times straying from tradition in efforts to offer whisky drinkers the best experience possible.    

The event was put on by our friends at Connecticut Distributors, and held at Krust in Middletown.  We sampled six different whiskys, including some of their limited edition items, while John told us the incredible story of how Compass Box came to be.

John realized that while traditional scotch whisky is near perfection, more could be done.  He began experimenting and blending bottles at home, and the results excited him.  Scotch was known as "your grandfather's drink," and the younger generations were missing out.   No one had entered the market in decades, and few had attempted to market to a new demographic, but he truly believed that by creating the right blends, and branding them in the right way, he could help introduce more people to the world of scotch whisky.

 John began by crafting scotch blends in his home as gifts for friends, and later began selling bottles out of his backpacks to bar owners in London, (all of this is quite legal there!) Eventually, people realized he was on to something, and now Compass Box is available in over 30 countries.  It's also available in all of our McLadden's locations... Stop by and try some for yourself!

Thanks to CDI for the invite, Krust for sharing your beautiful space and serving up an excellent lunch, and John Glaser for a great (educational,) afternoon! 

Erin LaRosaComment