Founder’s Brewing Co. is a staple in our draught lineup, and their Breakfast Stout is one of our all time favorite brews.  This double chocolate coffee oatmeal stout (WHOAH,) is like a meal in a glass, and our bartenders would be hard pressed to identify a single guest who tried it and didn’t fall in love with it….

We haven’t tried selling it to babies, (or anyone under age 21, for that matter,) and we never would.  In addition to the fact that we would we NEVER give a minor alcohol, for obvious reasons; the thought of a baby hopped up on caffeine and sugar is pretty terrifying.  The whole situation would be plain wrong, on a variety of levels. We are pretty sure that Founders is against giving brews to babes as well…

Some people think, however, that Founders Brewing Co. needs to re-evaluate their marketing, as their Breakfast Stout features a beautiful little baby eating his morning oats, cramming his cheeks full of the delicious goodness.  Does this appeal to minors, or let grown ups know that what the bottle contains will bring them back to a time when all was right in the world, and a mouthful of something delicious was all it took to make them happy?  

New Hampshire doesn’t feel it appropriate to sell alcohol that is branded in such a manner that it MAY appeal to the younger set; apparently a pic of a baby eating oatmeal may be construed as such, when adhered to a bottle o' brew….

We love Founder’s solution; the baby has left his “crib,” and like any polite host, he left a note on the fridge with a contact number…. Give him a ring, and see what he has to say!



Erin LaRosaComment