Hoppy IPA DAY from the McLadden's Family!

At McLadden's, we celebrate craft beer all day, every day.  The first Thursday of every August, however, we have a special kind of celebration.  In 2011, some genius, (and a person we would love to party with,) decided that a particular style deserved a day of it's own, and IPA Day was born.

In bars, breweries, and backyards across the USA, craft beer enthusiasts raise glasses filled with the hoppiest of brews and celebrate the IPA... 

We brought our "A" game to this party, and have an awesome IPA lineup in each of our locations.  Cheers and Beers!  Happy IPA day! #ipaday #craftbeer #craftbeerbar #hops #ipa #hoppedup

Erin LaRosaComment