McLadden's Perfect Pour Tap System

Are You Really Reading This?

We figured the picture above kinda summarizes our passion for great beers. If you are actually down here reading these little words, then we know you are truly a beer afficionado! Well, so are we. Read on. 

We Are Beer Serious.

Early in 2009, when we began planning for the opening of the first McLadden's  in West Hartford Connecticut, one of the things we settled upon as a pillar of our existence was that we had to have the BEST DAMN GUINNESS pour in the state-maybe even in the country for that matter. Unfortunately, if you are still reading this and share our love of Guinness, you also have experienced the reality that not all pints are created equal. Too often you are disappointed by the pour, too often you are amazed at the incredible lack of consistency from one pub to another- or worse- lack of consistency at the same pub from week to week. In fact, this problem isn't just about Guinness or noticed just by Guinness aficionados. This is a common problem with all beers. So just how are we gonna do it different? 

WE ARE BEER SERIOUS! Michael Ladden, our Publican and Brew Master has been tinkering, studying, brewing, analyzing, and probably most importantly tasting beer for years. There have been full blown breweries set up in the Ladden basement. Your average homeowner probably doesn't have a professional glycol chilled tap system in their home- but he does. Ladden has made it a practice of treating draught beer as a science and thus the technology and systems of delivering great beer from keg to glass is his passion. 

Why do some bars have bad draught beer? Is it because they don't care?, don't know how to make it right?, don't want to spend the money? Yes! Yes, for all of these reasons. But hey, let's cut them some slack. Bottom line is most bars don't specialize in great beer. We do. 

Technology Is Key:

To pour the perfect pint there are several key variables that must be addressed and all of them need to be perfected in order to deliver that glass of Ahhh:


Gas line Pressure

Length of delivery line

Cleanliness of beer delivery lines

Gas blending system

Service Procedures (the pour) & appropriate glassware

A Beer Server graduated from the Cicerone Certification Program

We could delve into each of these topics in great detail but you would be reading for hours. We could discuss the merits of Nitrogen generators or foam controllers or glycol power packs or even pre blends vs. in house gas blenders. Have we lost you yet? If you really want to discuss the finer points of a perfect pour stop on down some time and hunt down our Publican and Brew Master. 

Getting To The Ahhh!:

The bottom line is simple. McLadden's takes great pride in delivering the perfect pour- a beer that is delivered just as the manufacturer intended. We have spent many hours custom designing a draught beer system with some of the leading consultants in the business. We might do this with a whole lot of technology, a whole lot of beer knowledge and a whole lot of care and pride- but ultimately none of it really matters. What matters is we deliver a beer that will make you smile and say, "Ahhh, that is good!" 

The goal behind McLadden's Perfect Pour Tap System is to offer some of the best beers you can buy in the area and have them taste as close to brewery fresh as possible.