Just What Is A Publican? 

The name dates back to antiquity as someone who served the public and oversaw public projects. By the renaissance the term more closely defined the role today as a tavernkeeper, the license holder and owner of a publick house. 

Michael Ladden, Our Publican and Brew Master

Michael Ladden is our Publican & Brew Master. When he is not tinkering with our Perfect Pour tap system he might be found traveling the far side of the world. Michael founded Drive The Globe, an overland adventure travel company in the mid 90's and has traveled extensively in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North & Central America and the Arctic. Currently he is planning a South American adventure from Tierra del Fuego Argentina to New York City. In addition, he is a board member & owner of Keller Williams CT, one of the largest real estate firms in Connecticut. Michael is a pilot and enjoys flying small aircraft, he is an avid cycling junkie, continues to travel extensively & still finds time to enjoy brewing and craft beer and whiskey tasting.

And The Name?

McLadden's, like many gastropubs gets its name from the Publican. In this case there is a bit of name merging going on with Michael's first and last name. Ladden, is indeed a name of Irish origin. In fact, the modern Ladden name comes from O' Laideain. The family originates from the South West of Ireland in the Killarney, County Kerry area. So why McLadden's? Ah, it seems the marketing department felt it sounded more Irish and was easier to pronounce. Damn those marketing people!