Free Wireless Internet Access Available! 

We pride ourselves on being a craft beer experience & gastropub, however that doesn't mean we can't supply the latest and greatest 21st century technology for our guests. You can now "surf the net" while you sip a pint or enjoy a bite to eat during the big game. It is a great feature for all of you Sunday afternoon quarterbacks. We know how important that Fantasy league is! 

In a Nutshell:

McLadden's has a public wireless internet access point, making our high-speed internet connection accessible throughout the restaurant. If you have a laptop/notebook computer or handheld device (IPhone, IPad, Android) equipped to receive wireless internet signals, you can use the internet, send email etc., while enjoying your time at McLadden's. Don't forget our extensive beer menu is live & updated online as well. Scan the QR code on the menu or visit: Our Live Online Beer Menu 

The Goods You Need:

Bring your notebook/netbook or mobile device and set it to receive WiFi. If it isn't automatic, just set your device to "listen" and it will find our high speed network, which is simply, "mcladden guest" Connect to it and get surfin! 

Any issues, consult our internet master, ah...err the bartender.